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When thirteen-year-old Mallory Gilmartin sees a light in the top window of the deserted old mansion on Dark Hollow Hill, she is convinced it is connected to a young girl who mysteriously disappeared from there some fifty years earlier.

Plagued by nightmares and an eerie voice that calls to her for help, Mallory must find out who is so desperate to buy the worthless old house. In a race against time, she is soon caught up in a devious plot involving the Marlatt family and their strange past.

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You wil read The Mystery at Marlatt Manor to the last page and then go to sleep with the light on. Joy Cowley, Author

Modern and gothic worlds collide in this thoroughly absorbing middle grade tale. McGee endows her engaging unflappable young sleuth Mallory Gilmartin with just a hint of paranormal power--all the right stuff for a New Age Nancy Drew. Kate Hovey, Author

...a fun "who-done-it" with the right ingredients for a summer's spooky read: a haunted manor, a missing fortune, a disappeared daughter, friendships forged through detective snooping, and a ghost named Violet. Nancy Bo,

Anne McGee has created a solid page-turner reminiscent of Phyllis A. Whitney's mysteries. Middle grade readers--boys and girls alike--will enjoy unraveling The Mystery at Marlatt Manor. Peggy Tibbets, MidWest Book Review, and Advice from a Caterpillar.

This book will excite young teen readers. Mysterious ReviewsThe Mystery at Marlatt Manor was not just a scary book, it had a great

Anne Loader McGee is a wizard of the children's mystery/adventure yarn, and I believe she's spun a classic here! Barbara Giordan, Author

If you like suspense, psychic ability, and a scary story, The Mystery at Marlatt Manor is for you. Just beware, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until you reach the surprising climax. Michael Thal, author/

[Anne Loader McGee] is a talented writer in this genre. Ken Fermoyle, Valley Scene Magazine, and Topanga Messenger

Well-written, fast-paced, and full of intrigue and suspense. The Mystery at Marlatt Manor is sure to please all mystery lovers. Alice Berger,

Great read! A flashback to Nancy Drew. Mallory is a spunky character you root for from begnning to end.


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The Mystery at Marlatt Manor
Anne Loader McGee

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