The field trip to Midville Museum for paranormal detective Mallory Gilmartin's 8th grade class has turned out to be anything but ordinary. An unnatural force in the Egyptian exhibit, determined to get her attention, violently shakes the museum when the class tries to leave. Later that night Mallory awakens to find the walls of her bedroom pulsating with a bright red light. A piece of ancient jewelry in the shape of a scarab has mysteriously come to life and followed her home from the exhibit. It wants her help in righting an ancient wrong.

If our intrepid sleuth is to free the spirits trapped in a 'World Between Worlds', she must do it before the exhibit is returned to Egypt and a dangerous priest, skilled in arcane magic, can stop her from finding the answers.

Trailer: "The Mystery Beneath Midville Museum"

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Non-stop action as author Anne Loader McGee takes her readers through exciting scenes in The Mystery Beneath Midville Museum . . . entertaining, funny, thrilling, and highly recommended. Midwest Book Review

. . . a statue that moves . . . a restless mummy . . . a talking scarab! Strange things happen after the arrival of an ancient Egyptian exhibit from Cairo. The Mystery Beneath Midville Museum with its non-stop action and paranormal intrigue is a 'must read' for all lovers of mystery. Highly recommended.

Mallory and Kyle are at it again investigating strange happenings at a museum and helping to save a woman's job. McGee not only sprinkles information on Egyptology throughout her book, but also adds background and a glossary at the end of the novel. Karlene R. Price, Author


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