Thirteen-year-old Cedar Creek sleuth, Mallory Gilmartin, is once again involved in a mystery filled with risk and intrigue. An antique Ming vase has been stolen from the town's elderly librarian––the same vase someone claims was stolen from them thirty years earlier.

Aided by a determined ghostly apparition from the past, Mallory finds herself on a dangerous path as she attempts to unravel the truth behind the strange missing Ming.

Book Trailer: "The Mystery of the Missing Ming"

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Several months after solving the mystery involving Marlatt Manor, in the quaint town of Cedar Creek, Virginia, intrepid teen sleuth Mallory Gilmartin is back with a bang to clear the town's octogenarian librarian of the crime of stealing a priceless Ming vase... This is a rollicking good tale, well-crafted and finely written by Anne McGee and we can only hope for more!! Susan Schader, Author

Anne Loader McGee brings us book two of the Cedar Creek Mystery series, The Mystery of the Missing Ming. With her signature crisp sentences and humorous dialogue, McGee keeps readers engaged in a fun-filled adventure that unfolds during the 1970s in Cedar Creek, Virginia. Added to the mix is Mallory's gift of communicating with the dearly departed. McGee swirls this around with her magical wand creating a thoroughly enchanting novel that readers won't be able to put down.

. . . a great mystery that kept me guessing. I love Ms. McGee’s descriptive writing style that really makes the story come to life. As a bonus, there is a section in the back of the book explaining the history of the Ming Dynasty and why a Ming vase would be so valuable. This Kid Reviews Books.


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