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The Sing Out Loud series is an innovative vocal training program designed for kids, teens and beginning singers of all ages. Each book is filled with pictures, illustrations, and downloadable audio files designed to function like a personal vocal coach. The step-by-step assignments are easy and fun.

Book I: Discovering Your Voice. This book is all about finding your own voice, understanding the three vital steps to vocal technique and discovering a healthy, effortless new way to sing. The student can vocally experiment with a variety of sounds provided in the audio downloads.

Book II: Developing Your Voice. This is a continuation of Book I and is designed to reinforce vocal technique. Through singing exercises and warm-ups you will extend your range and gain pure vocal freedom.

Book III: Owning Your Voice. This is where you'll master vocal tricks such as vibrato and tone coloring. You'll also learn how to break down the key elements of a song--a sure way to put you on the road to a successful singing career.

Book IV: Owning The Stage: In this book you'll learn correct stage presence, the professional way to perform before an audience, microphone techniques, and tricks on how to conquer stage fright.